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Name Literacy

My Name, My Identity

Take the Name Literacy Challenge today

5-7 year olds are reading newspapers!

And Doing Numeracy One Grade Up

Basic Literacy in just 30 Hours

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#People’s Movement for Literacy


Visualizing a Literate World

Global Dream is the product of years of trial and error based on international research. This research shows that a student-centered program focused on increasing the student’s thinking time and then responding to answers with immediate feedback is the ideal way to accelerate a student’s learning curve.

ALfA (Accelerating Learning for All)

The Change Education Needs

ALfA is a reverse methodology that uses cognitive mind connections, and self-led peer work to make learning accelerated and joyful. There is no rote learning and no teaching of the alphabet. Children go straight to reading words. They learn to decode and blend words from the first day. Even three-year olds can read three-letter words from the beginning and simple sentences within weeks.

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Massive Open Online Training: Train teachers, school heads, government staff, youth and volunteers to improve FLN rates; train master trainers to replicate the training in local contexts and languages.

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Enable a people’s movement by involving all segments of society, in a time-bound mission led by the government, to reach literacy to every adult and out-of-school child

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With ALfA, it's possible for children to learn reading, writing and arithmetic in just 45 days, with 45 minutes per day. Trial this revolutionary pedagogy in your school today!

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Adopt new policies in curriculum, training, monitoring and assessments, that scale up change at the systemic level. Learn more from DEVI Sansthan's policy research.



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The ALfA is a reverse methodology that uses cognitive mind connections, and self-led peer work to make learning accelerated and joyful. The ALfA is a reverse methodology that uses cognitive mind connections, and self-led peer work to make learning accelerated and joyful.


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From Adversity to Excellence: Slum Children in Lucknow Conquer Reading and Math Using ALfA Technique

In a remarkable achievement that defies all odds, young Anisha, a bright eight-year-old girl from a slum area in Lucknow, has become fluent in reading newspapers. Her accomplishment is even more extraordinary considering the scarcity of literacy in her slum-dwelling community, where education is often viewed as a luxury rather than a necessity.

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From Struggle to Success: ALfA Program Breaks Barriers in India’s Foundational Literacy Crisis

It is an alarming reality that only a third of 10-year-olds worldwide can read and understand a simple written story, leaving a staggering two-thirds struggling with basic reading comprehension. This learning crisis has only worsened in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, as prolonged school closures and a lack of access to quality learning have exposed and exacerbated existing challenges in education.

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Dr. Sunita Gandhi – 30 golden hours changing the lives of poor kids, making them literate.

Do you think it is possible to teach someone and make them literate in just 30 hours? Well, now it is because of Dr. Sunita Gandhi. She’s an educationist in Lucknow who has been teaching poor kids who cannot afford to go to school, free of cost for the last five years. By making this possible she has made all of us so proud. So come let’s have a look at her journey and how she moved forward with this idea.


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