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    Are you ready to make a big difference in somebody’s life? Start teaching today with Literacy Now App.



    Looking for a child-centred, activity-based literacy program? Discover the ALfA materials in 30+ languages.



    Want to boost your students' foundational literacy and numeracy? Take up the 45 Days to FLN Challenge.



    Ready to work together with diverse stakeholders towards literacy for all? Reach out today to partner with us.


    ALfA (Accelerating Learning for All)

    ALfA unlocks the power of paired learning, fun activities, and a known-to-unknown pedagogy to enable children and adults to learn foundational literacy and numeracy (FLN) in as little as 30-45 days.

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    Our Projects

    International Projects

    Working with the schools of Maldives to improve literacy and numeracy outcomes for all primary students.

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    Adult Literacy

    Empowering women with the crucial skills of reading and writing.

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    Government Schools

    Partnering with government schools in several districts to help achieve NIPUN targets of literacy and numeracy.

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    Collaborating with leading NGOs including Magic Bus, Piramal Foundation and Teach for India to build their literacy program capabilities.

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    Each One Teach One

    Inspiring and equipping hundreds of thousands of students to become literacy volunteers.

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    Community Development

    Helping people from disadvantaged communities access their basic rights and entitlements.

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    Articles & blogs

    devi sansthan dignity education slum-children

    From Adversity to Excellence: Slum Children in Lucknow Conquer Reading and Math Using ALfA Technique

    In a remarkable achievement that defies all odds, young Anisha, a bright eight-year-old girl from a slum area in Lucknow, has become fluent in reading newspapers. Her accomplishment is even more extraordinary considering the scarcity of literacy in her slum-dwelling community, where education is often viewed as a luxury rather than a necessity.

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